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“Phase one of the damp proofing and fire prevention works to our premises is complete. The next phase will commence at the beginning of May. In the meantime we can accept your donations of clothing, toys, baby equipment and homeware each Wednesday up to and including April 24th. We need to keep control of the volume of donations received as storage will be not be possible during the next phase of works.

Before you set off please call us on 020 7372 0413 to confirm we have space for your donations and to avoid being turned away if we have reached storage capacity. We are very grateful for your understanding and patience.”

How Doorstep Helps Families

Families attending Doorstep are homeless for a variety of reasons, including: family circumstances, illness, loss of employment, domestic violence, racial harassment, financial difficulties, and due to refugee status. Doorstep aims to assist these families by providing goods and services to make their lives more comfortable as they await a permanent housing solution.

Situated in the Abbots and Levine Hostel, Doorstep serves the 45 families accommodated immediately above, as well as those living in other temporary accomodation in North Camden,  London.

We provide space and resources for children to play, learn, develop and to help them reach their potential. Through these activities and services Doorstep aims to create a community of growth, healing and a sense of belonging that enables children and families to gain strength and confidence as they engage in society and press forward with their future.

Please donate to Doorstep – no matter how small your contribution, it will be greatly appreciated.  Help us to keep helping families who really need our support.  Sincere thanks!

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